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Introducing: DreamSeeker

The revolutionary full body pillow. 

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The DreamSeeker Explained

Introducing: The DreamSeeker

The revolutionary full-body pillow. (Attractive model not included with purchase).

Who This Is Perfect For

If you're a human that sleeps, the DreamSeeker is perfect for you. Even kids like the DreamSeeker, and so do pets.

Patented Width-Control Technology

The DreamSeeker is made with patent-pending 'G-Hook' technology that allows for evenly distributed comfort throughout the entire length of the pillow. 

This takes away all the pressure from your shoulders, back, hips, knees, and ankles equally.

Revolutionary Twist

Most body pillows are trash. They are stiff and can only be used in one way.

The revolutionary twisting capability of the DreamSeeker allows you to customize the position of the pillow to fit your exact sleep needs every night. 

Special Exterior Materials

The DreamSeekers exterior layer is a special kind of polyester known as 'fine-woven polyester'. Most polyester can be rough, but our fine-woven polyester is as soft as a baby's bottom. 

Also, its cooling and moisture wicking properties make it the perfect sleep companion. 

Designed With Science

Science has shown that side-sleeping is the best position to increase your quality of sleep.

The DreamSeeker encourages side sleeping in a comfortable and natural way while relieving pressure from your joints and keeping your spine aligned. 


Side sleeping helps to open up your airways which allows for comfortable breathing at night while reducing snoring. 

The DreamSeeker makes side sleeping insanely comfortable.

Emotional Comfort

Our test group reported increased feelings of well-being and reduced stress and anxiety as a positive result of sleeping with the DreamSeeker. 

Human Similarity

Many of our test-group participants told us their favorite part of the DreamSeeker was its similarity to a human.

This made them feel more comfortable with the pillow and is part of the reason we received so many reports of reduced loneliness and anxiety, along with increased sensations of well-being and calmness.


The DreamSeeker's primary function is to change your quality of sleep, but that doesn't mean you can't use it in other ways.

Many of our test-participants used the DreamSeeker in the Living Room, TV Room, for Meditation, reading, and many other activites. 

Luxurious Pillow Cover

Our special pillow cover is very soft, cool to the touch, and is non-allergenic. We highly recommend purchasing a pillow cover with the DreamSeeker to maximize your deep sleep comfort while increasing the lifespan of your amazing DreamSeeker.


We guarantee you'll love the DreamSeeker or your money back with our 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. 


Is There A Pillow Case?

Yes, the pillow case can be purchased separately. It is awesome.

How Much Does The DreamSeeker Weigh?

The small weighs 2.5 pounds. Medium weighs 3.25 pounds. Large weighs 4.5 pounds.

How Big Is It? What's My Size?

A sizing guide is included on the product selection page. Small is for people 5 feet 1 inch tall or less (152cm). Medium is for people between 5 feet 1 inch tall and 5 feet 10 inches tall (152-179cm). Large is for people 5 feet 10 inches tall to 6 feet 5 inches (180-196cm).


Nancy J.

I love the feel of it. I think the amount of fill is very comforting and supportive for anyone trying to get better sleep

Austin H.

I like the feel of this body pillow and it has improved the quality of my sleep. I have noticed that I stay in REM for longer periods of time. I would recommend to anyone who wants to sleep better.

Heidi G.

I have had a history of insomnia and trouble staying asleep. I loved how each night I can mold/redo the body pillow against how I am sleeping. I found I tossed & turned less, resulting in more restful sleep. I would highly recommend this body pillow in general

Keaton B.

The #1 way to recover being an athlete or from a workout is quality sleep. With this pillow it allows you to sleep comfortably on your side with a better spinal alignment from your neck to your low back. Since using this pillow I average about 8 hours of quality sleep. I wake up with no neck stiffness or lower back soreness the next day. I highly recommend it!

Crystal H.

The body pillow exceeded my expectations and is very comfortable. I simply just sleep better with it ever since I started using it. Its amazing and I highly recommend it!

Teddie A.

I never knew I could sleep so soundly without tossing and turning. I literally feel like I am floating at night. The downside is my wife seems to be jealous of the fact I sleep with this pillow every night now.

Theresa Y.

I use this body pillow every night and it is so well constructed giving me so much comfort and support. I also lean it against the wall and use it as a cushion to sit on while a read

Michelle B.

I have always had trouble falling asleep. Not anymore, the Sirius Sleeper body pillow is absolutely perfect between my knees, best I've ever tried and helped reduce my back pain.

Robin T.

I absolutely loved it. This body pillow will help anyone who deals with pain and has problems falling asleep. I highly recommend this body pillow!