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Sleep Positions: Our Top 3 Picks

Hey pillow fans. 

Maybe you arrived at this site ‘cause you’ve got a challenging sleep condition, and better sleep is what you’re seeking, or maybe you’ve learned about body pillows and you want to explore their use—or maybe you already own a Sirius Sleeper DreamSeeker Pillow and you’re just wiling away your evening hours, planting a few body position ideas in your head—before racing back to bed with that pillow again.


For whatever reason you’re here—boy, do we got a blog for you!


This is a practical blog, a well-illustrated blog, and an advice blog—in which we’re restricting our counsel to just one DreamSeeker option: sleeping on your side (which, incidentally, is the very best option of all).


Helpfully, here’s three pics of my son, Caden, nattily decked-out in a Champion-brand T-shirt, demonstrating three poses on a radiant red bed.

  1. The first, we’ll call the “Huggy Pose.”  We don’t always have another human to cuddle with at night (and we don’t always want one), but it can be comforting to wrap one’s arms around something cushy and human-sized. 

It’s soothing; it’s comfy; and it makes us feel secure. 


As you’ll notice here, Caden’s using a regular pillow for his head, and he’s separated the bones of his legs by situating the DreamSeeker in between. 


Situated on his left, he’s in a very therapeutic position.


  1. We might call Caden’s second posture, “Duck and Cover.”

He’s wrapped his arms round his chest, and he’s put the DreamSeeker between his leg like before, but the pillow is propped behind him, and he’s tipped himself to the left by wedging it beneath his low back and bottom. 


It’s a creative position, and—counter-intuitively—it applies the DreamSeeker as a backside prop, rather than a frontside one.


3) We might call this last position, “The Classic.” 

In it, Caden is doing what a lot of us try to do with a second, normal-sized pillow—he’s taken the DreamSeeker between his arms and—rather than wrap his arms across his body like a vampire—he’s pressed them forward like a blissful zombie (er, sorry, Caden).


There’s probably no danger he’ll rise and terrorize the neighborhood, but his legs would be well-prepped for that assignment if he did. 


As in postures 1) and 2), he’s sandwiched his knees around the DreamSeeker, supplying his low limbs with pleasing pressure and tactile feedback, even as he’s positioned them apart from each other, aligning with advice that says this keeps the joints loose, and empowering him to trek forth vibrantly—for joyful or nefarious purposes—when he gets out of bed.




Well, these blogs can’t go on forever, but if they did, we’d fascinate you with yet more side- and back-sleeping positions—all assisted by the DreamSeeker.


But you should know, we are curating all that information, and we feed it to you in tasty morsels in other blogs, like this one and that one—and we hope you’ll read all these letters to you at your leisure.


Please try the positions above, and if you’re feeling frisky and give us a report on them in the comments below.


The full line of our patented DreamSeeker products is not to be missed.  Before you doze, enjoy a browse our two here! [link]


Just making sleep better,