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A Note To Everyone Who Sleeps

My name is Justin Clausse, and I have reason to believe that I may be your best ambassador to a good night’s rest.


According to demographic studies, most folks are sleep-challenged--even if they don’t have sleep deprivation, sleep paralysis, sleep apnea, or another sleep disorder. 


Maybe you hit this page searching out how to fall asleep, and you’ve tried sleep meditation, sleep music, or other sleep strategies--and you’re still flummoxed!


Or maybe you’re simply trying to increase your hours-per-night sleep number. 


You’ve come to the right place.  I have an easy solution for you.


Frustrated with my own sleep cycle and clumsy with the use of pillows to find an optimal body position, I invented the SirusSleeper system with its DreamSeeker Body Pillow in 2019.


My wife, three kids and I have rarely had a bad nights’ sleep since! 


Go ahead and scroll down to our testimonials and read stories of other satisfied customers, too. 


This is my first hello.  


Watch this space, as we explore how to do sleep right in the weeks to come. 


Welcome to the world of happy sleep!